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High Quality uPVC and Composite Doors
Rated ‘A’ for Energy Efficiency



Doors Supplied and Fitted

If you’re looking to have a new door (or windows) fitted in Edinburgh and Lothians or further afield, we have a great selection of high quality and energy efficient doors to choose from.


Coming in various designs such as panel doors, French doors, patio doors, uPVC and composite and a range of colours and grain effects you’ll have many options.


Choosing the right front (or back) door can be an important decision as it’s the first thing people see when visiting. Having an entrance to your home that compliments the building gives a good first impression and can add ‘kurb appeal’.





  • Double & Triple Glazed
  • Multi-Point Locking
  • Hook Locks
  • Durable Hinges
  • Low U-Values
  • Plain & Decorative Glass
  • Accessory Options
  • Various RAL Colours
  • Manufacturer’s Guarantee


Double & Triple Glazed

Double and Triple Glazing Doors

All uPVC Panel and Composite Doors come with the option of having either double glazing or triple glazing. Both have excellent thermal properties and reduce outside noise.

Multi-Point Locking

Multi-Point Lock

Fitted with Multi-Point Locking Systems as standard, our doors are very secure, in fact they have been considered secure enough to be awarded the status of Secured by Design

Hook Locks

Hook Lock

For additional security you have the option of having hook locks, these are situated at the top and bottom of the door and are available for uPVC and Composite models.

Durable Hinges

Door Hinges

All of the components for our modles are manufactured with safety, longevity and security in mind. Our hinges are no exception and are made with durable weather resistant materials.

Low U-Values

Low U-Value Sticker

Rated ‘A’ for Energy Efficiency, our uPVC models can have a U-Value of 0.8 when fitted with our triple glazed windows and our composite doors a U-value of 1.6 and as low as 0.9 unglazed.

Plain & Decorative Glass

Patterned Glass

You can choose from many handcrafted glass designs which include options of bevel, resin, sandblast and coloured resin designs. Choose from textured and obscured or plain glass.

Accessory Options

Door Accessories

Customise your new front door with your choice of knocker, letterbox and handle. We offer a range of colours and designs to suit traditional and more modern design tastes.

Various RAL Colours

RAL Colours

We use colours from the RAL colour coding system which is industry standard. Using RAL colours enables us to get the same exact colours each and every time.

Manufacturer's Guarantee

Manufacturer's Guarantee Text

All of our models of doors, uPCV and composite, come with a Manufacturer’s Guarantee of 10 years.



Door Types

With so many choices to choose from it can get overwhelming, however, you can rest assured whatever your preference, you will be receiving a product of quality, has status of ‘Safe by Design’ and coming fully guaranteed.

Both composite and uPVC doors can have superior thermal qualities to those made of timber, be more secure and economical. More and more people are replacing their timber doors with composite or uPVC for a number of reasons.

Timber doors can become twisted or warp, usually cost a lot more and can require more maintenance, uPVC models on the other hand are easy to wipe clean, won’t warp, easier to maintain and can have excellent thermal properties while also being cheaper.

Composite doors may be more expensive than their uPVC counterparts but come in much thicker sizes, are more secure and can be stronger than timber due to their construction.




Made up of layers of high density robust materials our composite models are available in 44mm and 70mm thickness. The manufacturing process and materials used ensure the finished product is durable, long lasting and energy efficient.

All models come with multi-point locking systems as standard, hook locks are also available for additional security.

Composite doors have far superior thermal qualities, in contrast to timber. Our glazed models can have a U-Value as low as 1.6 and our unglazed as low as 0.9.


Some of Our Composite Models

Red Geneva Model

Grey Composite Door

New York Composite Door

Grey Sydney Model

Green Front Door

Beijing Mahogany Model

To see our full range of Composite doors you can request a consultation.




Our uPVC panel doors are constructed from strong and durable materials with a 100% lead free weather resistant uPVC outer skin. The materials used and the multi chambers built within the frames offer excellent thermal properties.

Available in 28mm or 40mm thickness and with a high impact resistance, the strength of these doors is very impressive.

Fitted with high performance multi-point locks, they are secure and strong with a high impact resistance.



Some of Our uPVC Models

Vienna Design

Wood Effect uPVC Door

Athens uPVC Model

White Door with Glass

Copenhagen uPVC Model

Antwerp Design Composite Door

To see our full range of uPVC panel doors you can request a consultation.



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