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uPVC Windows Manufactured with Sustainability in Mind
Rated ‘A’ for Energy Efficiency



Superior Performance uPVC Windows


Looking to buy new windows? We offer a wide range of colours and designs of windows (and doors) made with up to 80% recyclable materials. Their manufacturing process is friendly to the environment with no compromise in quality. Furthermore, they are rated ‘A’ for energy efficiency and meet the criteria needed to obtain the status of Secured by Design


Did you know older and less efficient models of windows can account for up to 20% of heat loss? Our double glazing models have a U-Value as low 1.4 as standard with an option of reducing this further to 1.2. For Triple Glazing we have a model with a lower U-Value of 0.8.


Choose for the supplying and installation of our energy efficient models and you can save up to 40% on your energy bills.





  • Energy Efficient Glass
  • Multiple Chambers
  • Restrictor Hinges
  • Multi-Point Locking
  • Shootbolts
  • Hook Locks
  • Various RAL Colours
  • Accessory Options
  • Manufacturer’s Guarantee


Energy Efficient Glass

Energy Efficient Glass

Buy windows with energy reflecting glass. Our windows can reflect heat to prevent it from leaving the room while transmitting heat from outside into the room.

Multiple Chambers

Multi Chamber Frame

Our frames have multiple chambers built into the profile. Each chamber becomes an additional barrier to prevent the heat from escaping and the cold from entering the room.

Restrictor Hinges

Window Restrictor Hinge

Built with safety in mind, our windows have restrictor hinges which prevents them from being opening too wide. Released from inside only, they are both safe and secure.

Muliti-Point Locking

Multi Point Lock

The models we supply come with high quality multi-point locking systems as standard. This has been pivotal in the windows achieving ‘Secured by Design’ status.



Built into the window frames as part of the locking system, shootbolts shoot out at the top and bottom of the frame, slotting securely into the outer frame for extra security.

Hook Locks

Hook Lock

Hook locks are another type of lock for multi-point locking systems which are (as the name suggests) small hook type locks fitted near the top and bottom of the frames.

Internally Glazed

Internally Glazed Window

For security, our windows are internally glazed with concealed rubber gaskets. Having no bead on the outside means they can only be removed from the inside.

Various RAL Colours

RAL Colour Chart

Using the RAL Colour System ensures we reproduce the exact colours everytime. This system is used across many industries for painting, varnishing and powder coating.

Manufacturer's Guarantee

Guarantee Text

Manufactured to very high standards our uPVC windows are built to last. To give you extra peace of mind they come with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.



Window Types

We offer various types of windows and each coming in a choice of styles and colours. Whether it’s a modern design or more traditional look you’re after, bold colours or wood grain effect, there’s something for everyone’s taste.

Choose from Tilt & Turn, Casement, Vertical Sliding (sash and case), Shaped and French Windows.



Tilt & Turn


70mm Profile | Open and Tilt Function | Multi-Point Locking System | Suitable Fire Escape Exit

Tilt and Turn Windows can be more convenient than traditional casement or sash and case. Their design allows them to be tilted at the top, inwards into the room, allowing for ventilation and also to be opened by turning inwards a full 90 degrees for easy cleaning. The fact they open so quick, easily and so wide make them suitable for an escape route in event of a fire.

Coming with multi-point locking systems as standard, they are available in a choice of colours and authentic wood grain effect.

Tilt and Turn uPVC Window





60mm and 70mm Profiles | WER ‘A’ Rating | U-Value of 0.8 with Triple Glazing | Multi-Point Locking System

The Casement Window is one of the most popular of our range and come with the usual multi-point locking system as standard. You can choose to have them hinged at the top or the side, they are the most energy efficient option for most homes, with a U-Value as low as 0.8 if opting for our Triple Glazing.

Coming in a range of styles, you can even choose to have Georgian or Astrical bars for a more traditional appearance.

House in Edinburgh



French Windows


70mm Profile | Double Opening | Multi-Point Locking System | Mullions Floating or Fixed

Designed the same way as French Doors, French Windows give the option of having one side open or both at the same time. This is another model of window that can make a good fire escape route, due to how wide they can be opened, quickly and easily. Ideal for the summer, providing maximum ventilation, they’re ‘A’ rating for energy efficiency makes them ideal for winter too.

As with our other models, our French Windows come with multi-point locking systems and in a range of colours and grain effects.

French Windows



Sash and Case


WER ‘A’ Rating | Enhanced Safety and Security | Slide and Tilt | U-Value of 1.4

For a more traditional look, choose from our range of vertical Sliding Windows, also known as sash and case. As well as sliding they can also be tilted open, allowing for easy maintenance and ventilation. The top and bottom sash can slide and be held in various positions, individually or at the same time. After they have been set to the desired sliding height they can be titled inwards into the room, again individually or together.

Fitted with high quality gearing and restrictor hinges and coming in a range of colours and gran effects.

Edinburgh Home





70mm Profile | Various Shapes Available | Range of Decorative Glass | Manufactured to Specific Sizes

Go for something different, from our range of Shaped Windows. Coming in popular shapes such as arches and portholes, you can also have them made in unsymmetrical shapes. Manufactured using state of the art moulding and forming techniques they can be created in virtually any shape.

These fully sculpted frames come in a choice of finishes in both glazing and colours.

Shaped Window



To see our full range of options you can request a consultation.



Colours and Grain Effects

This is just some examples of popular colour and effect options, there are more to choose from.


Window Whitegrain Effect


Window Oak Effect


Window Rosewood Effect


Window Mahogany Effect


Cream Window Colour


Black Window Colour


Charcoal Grey Window Colour

Charcoal Grey

Window Colour Choices

RAL Colours





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